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Coffee makers! So much has been written in so many places, why would I want to create more?

Well I would like to try to simplify the whole question for us all – cut through all the "techno" speak and we will simply look at the all the types of coffee maker in as "bottom line" a manner as possible. So I will NOT be advocating one above the other. We will look at each in turn and I will point to further information where required.

Here are a few points we should watch for when selecting a quality coffee machine.

  • Overall performance of the equipment
  • Long term durability
  • It should be a good looking addition
  • And depending on the type of equipment, the available features could be a factor

So in alphabetical order, we have.....

Built In Coffee Makers

There is an increasing demand these days for built in or under counter coffee makers. The reasons for this are many, but think of space that can be saved on your kitchen counters. Another reason is that having a classy looking machine built in to your kitchen tends to make a bit of a statement.

Miele is one of the brands that produces some really good coffee and espresso machines for built in purposes.

Camp Coffee Makers

Are you a camper? How do campers who are also coffee lovers manage? Well I guess there is always "Cowboy Coffee". But what do you do when you get really tired of it? Now, there is an answer, the Coleman's Camp Coffeemaker. Designed to work with 2- and 3-burner camp stoves, Coleman's Camp Coffeemaker works just like your coffeemaker at home, only without electricity or costly batteries. The special design pulls heat from your camp stove to drip-brew your coffee in only a few minutes.

Cold-Brew Coffee Makers

This is an interesting addition to the world of coffee, in that it is designed to extract all the flavor and leave behind many of the undesirable acids and oils

The Toddy Maker simply uses a clever filter design which produces a pure coffee concentrate using regular ground coffee. Coffee brewed in this way has distinct advantages which make it sought after, not just in ease of use, but also from a health point of view.

Commercial Coffee Makers

Of course there are the larger scale coffee machines used in coffee shops, restaurants and offices and some in larger homes. These are the higher volume machines which come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as combinations.

If you should be interested in the commercial side, maybe own a coffee shop or want to start one, don't miss our page on coffee shops and setting up a coffee business.

Drip Coffee Makers

The drip coffee machines are still evolving with new models and combinations and innovations. The range to choose from has become so wide that it really makes choice quite difficult. Spoilt for choice is what I call it.

Over the years the drip or filter coffee maker has almost become relegated to the back ranks of coffee machines. Quite unfairly so, I believe. This much-maligned of coffee makers has served us well and will continue to do so for many years to come.

We can have a more in depth look at them here. See our page on the various different brands and models.

French Press

French Press

Also known as a Press Pot or Plunge Pot. Perhaps most well known in Europe as the Cafetiere. The French press produces a rich coffee full of flavor.

I have to admit a partiality to this style of brewing. The natural fullness that comes from steeping for a few minutes in water just off boiling point is hard to beat. This is the chosen method of many experts.

Bodum is probably the best known brand when it comes to the French press, not that there are not others who make a very good product.

Manual Drip Coffee Makers

Something that is becoming quite popular because of it's simplicity and practicality is the manual drip coffee machine. Working on the same principle as the drip or filter machines one can use a filter cone and simply pour hot water through it into the receptacle below.

The little mug and filter sets are extremely practical especially for those who find themselves on their own. You certainly don't want to make whole pots of coffee only to have it stand – either to be wasted and thrown out, or worse, to get warmed up again.

Swissgold make a few very handy options in this line.


Coffee percolators were once the preferred coffee makers of the great majority. In more recent times they have been replaced on the pedestal by the many other more "gourmet" type methods of today. There are still a great many coffee lovers who appreciate the distinctive flavor and aroma one gets with a percolater.

Despite having been around for a long time, the percolater is more than just a trip down memory lane. The basic design means that it takes up less space than most other coffee makers. Plus it has also met up with technology, and they are now available with all the mod cons.

What a comforting sound – the "perking" of the simple coffee percolater, on your stove top or, if you prefer, like the cordless kettles, these can also be obtained in electric cordless models.

Pod Coffee Makers

One of the fastest moving of all the recent innovations to hit the coffee scene, is that of the coffee pod.

What convenience to be able to make just one single serving of perfectly brewed coffee without having to brew a whole pot. No wonder the Pod coffee brewers are becoming popular.

The best part is that the coffee stays fresh as the pods are individually sealed. Have a look at Pod coffee makers here!

The Pod is here to stay!

Pressure Brewers

The pressure brew principle is that upon which Espresso is based. It can be as simple as the stove top "Moka" pot right through to the big super automatics.

The process extracts a wonderfully rich, flavorful brew without bitterness.

See our "Espresso Machine" page for more detail.

Vacuum Coffee Makers

Vacuum brewers have been around a long time. The final product is a wonderful rich flavor, and to the delight of most, there is a distinct lack of sediment.

This method of brewing is catching on again with excellent coffee makers on the market from companies like Bodum and Cona.

Bodum have the Santos Vacuum range which covers both stove top and electric models to choose from.

The elegant Cona Vacuum coffee maker Cona have the wonderfully elegant and stylish table top range. If you love dinner parties, you will go a long way before you will find another such memorable dining experience. Your guests will really have something to talk about. The range comes in both chrome and gold finishes.

There is something quite special about watching a vacuum coffee maker in action – a bit like sitting staring at a warm crackling fire in the hearth – mesmerizing!


We would really like to hear your views on any of the different types of coffee makers. Keep it objective and I will list your review for others to gain from your experience.

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