The Trusty "Drip Coffee Makers"

Drip coffee makers, also known as "filter" coffee makers, are essentially simple, yet effective machines which make brewing a great cup of coffee pretty easy.

The components are a glass coffee pot, a hot plate, a water container and a filter basket.

For the "Technicos":

The hot plate in the base of the equipment, consists of a heating element which contains a hollow aluminum tube. By placing water in the water container, you enable a small amount of it to run through a small hole in the bottom of this container, into a hose that connects to the aluminium tube.

The heating element has a rapid warm up time, thus ensuring that the water in the aluminium tube boils. The temperature is kept at fairly constant temperature, just off boiling point.

As the water boils away it causes small bubbles to rise up through the tube, dragging some of the water for the ride. Once these water drops reach the top, they are spread out into the coffee grounds which had been previously 'loaded' into the filter basket.

Eventually once all the water has been filtered through the grounds and into the carafe or jug sitting on the heating plate, you have your choice of delicious filtered coffee.

These days, many drip coffee makers have a timer which allows us to set it like an alarm clock. This enables us to prepare the coffee maker at night, setting the timer so that we can wake to freshly made coffee in the morning.

Can you imagine a better way to wake up in the morning :-)

Of course there will be many who would scoff at the idea of leaving ground coffee open to the elements overnight. But do you know what? If you fancy a cup of freshly brewed, without the drudge, well I say "Go for it!"

After all, we are not all a guru or afficionado, but mostly just coffee lovers ;-)

Drip coffee makers can use different types of filters to separate the brewed coffee from the grounds.

Essentially you find a steel mesh filter, which produces a slightly more "oily" or heady brew due to the additional oils which pass through.

Then there are also the paper filters which allow less of the oils through, thereby creating a lighter coffee. (This is a very hygienic method.)

As these are by far the most commonly used coffee brew implements, there is a very wide range available. However it really is not necessary to buy the very fancy pricey models, as you certainly don't need bells and whistles for this type of coffee maker.

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