The French Press coffee maker or cafetiere is simple yet effective

The French Press coffee maker is probably the most unique of all coffee making devices that exist.

Take a look at some of it's attributes:

  • Simplicity of design
  • Economical
  • Low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Known by more names than any other
  • Produces a rich and flavorful coffee
  • Versatility second to none
Simplicity of Design:

The French Press is simplicity itself, consisting of a cylindrical carafe or jug. Usually this is glass, but can be a clear plastic, or stainless steel. Next is a filter consisting of either a fine wire or nylon mesh, which is attached to a plunger, and a lid. Of course we could try to get a bit more technical, and talk about filter ring holders and nuts and knobs, but I guess you know by now that I like to stick to the basics.


You cannot find a more economical implement than the French Press coffee maker – the only cost is the coffee itself and the boiling water. With modern kettles or using a gas burner, one can generally boil water pretty cheaply :-)

Low cost outlay:

Probably the lowest cash outlay of all the methods of good coffee brewing. Of course you can step out and get more expensive units, but that will have more to do with personal preference and the specific type of usage required.

Easy to use:

This is the really good part – you do not have to be some kind of expert in order to brew top class coffee. Follow a few basic steps and I guarantee you a great coffee. How can I do this you say? Simple! Even my three year old grandson could do this. (Oops! Don't let his mother know that he helps me make my coffee)

Click here for full instructions on using a French Press coffee maker

Known by more names than any other:

Depending on where you are in the world, or on your own tastes, this wonderful piece of coffee making equipment goes by many names, some of which are as follows. Coffee Plunger, Press pot, French Press coffee maker, French Press, Coffee Press, Plunge Pot, Cafetierre, Cafetière à piston, even sometimes called Bodum or Melior, which are actually names of the manufacturer rather than the equipment itself. One of the earlier names was "Cafeolette" in the early 1900s

Produces a rich and flavorful coffee:

Now for the best part – the French Press coffee maker produces really good full bodied and flavorful coffee. The reason is that while the brew is steeping, the majority of the coffee's flavor and oils are able to be transferred to the water. All the coffee is in contact with the water for the same length of time.

Because there is no trapping of the best parts in filter paper, it does also mean that a bit of sediment gets into the coffee. But who cares when you are getting a great coffee? Simply leave the last few sips behind in the mug.

Versatility second to none:

How many coffee makers do you know that would:

  • Look great on your kitchen counter
  • Make a fine addition to the dinner table when guests are coming
  • Would be equally at home on a camping trip
  • Can be taken to the office :-)
  • Can also be used in place of a tea infuser to brew loose tea
  • Heck you could even use it in your car, so long as you don't mind using the radiator water (Yuck!)

Some of the well known names in coffee preparing equipment are manufacturing a French Press coffee maker in their range.

Here are some of the best available.

Bodum – who have a large range of different models

Bialetti – probably better known for their stove-top Espresso Makers

Chef'sChoice – who create a somewhat unique Cordless Electric Coffee/Tea Press & Hot Water Kettle

Frieling - Restaurant Quality Stainless Steel Insulated French Press Coffee Makers

Thermos – renowned for their insulated flasks

And for something quite different - Eva Solo

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