French Press Instructions

How to get the best usage from your French Press:

French Press Instructions - That may sound daunting, so let's try to keep this as simple as possible, and you will see just what a pleasure it can be.

1. It's a good idea to "preheat" your French Press coffee maker by putting some hot water in it and letting it stand for a while before use. This is not that it is going to improve the taste or anything like that, but simply to help your brew stay warm for a while longer. (You could also warm the cups to be used, for the same reason)

2. Before doing anything else, we should prepare the coffee to be used. This means grinding it yourself to the required consistency, or simply just using your favorite pre-ground.

3. Boil water in your kettle and then let it stand a few seconds before adding it to your French Press.

4. Place your coffee grinds in the carafe, and pour the water over them. You can give it all a bit of a stir just to mix things up a bit, also to get some of the most delicious aromas wafting through your kitchen.

5. Put the filter and cover back into the carafe, and gently push down a bit. You can leave it like this for a few minutes.

6. Then smoothly push the filter all the way down – You are ready to savor the nectar!

There are a lot of other factors that we could get hung up about, but I have said it before, enjoy yourself, coffee is about fun, so allow yourself to experiment. You will soon enough discover for yourself, what suits your taste best. Best of all, it will be what YOU prefer, and not what someone who doesn't even know you, tells you you should or should not be doing.

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