About us! - Who is Gourmet Coffee Lover's Haven?

Us, is Peter Morrison, a fifty-something gourmet coffee lover, who finds that life still has lots to offer for those who are prepared to go and look for it!

By profession, Peter is a Management Information Manager, which really means that he takes all the data that is generated in a commercial computer system, and attempts to turn it into meaningful information which will assist the company to make informed business decisions.

He has pottered around online for many years, before getting really serious about online involvement for the future.

Peter is neither a gourmet coffee “guru”, nor “aficionado”, but he is a coffee lover of many years standing, who loves experimenting and finding out new and wonderful things on a regular basis. He is also a wine lover, and loves cooking. He is very happy, when in the kitchen with a bunch of herbs (essential) some quality ingredients (essential) and preferably some great spices. Oh yes, better add pasta to that list as well.

Peter is a Bible-believing Christian, who for many years ran a Christian Marriage Counselling ministry together with his wonderful wife, Steph. Recently he has completed a two-year Christian Counselling course, and has also embarked on a Bible course with an International Bible Correspondence College.

He has two children, Doug and Melanie, married to Leigh and Jason respectively, who between the four of them have blessed Peter and Steph with four most beautiful grandchildren, Joel, Samuel, Megan and Michael.

Steph just happens to be an animal lover (maybe that should be animal nut?), consequently, their home is shared with two Labrador Retrievers, Gemma and Cindy, as well as the much-loved cat known as Minky. Melanie calls her "Minkypotamus". These are only the official ones, the home is also shared with every other stray or "wandering minstrel" who happens to take a liking to it. Who wouldn't? It is animal paradise! :-)

One of his favourite sayings is “I am truly blessed.”

On the coffee front - a lot of trouble has been taken to forge links with some of the best and most well-known purveyors of all things coffee. Our purpose in the "Gourmet Coffee Lover's Haven" is for YOU to have a really pleasant experience in every way. If this does not happen, please be so kind as to inform us where we have fallen short, not anyone else.

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